Profikuivati DOMUS SV-6

  • Mahutavus 6,2 kg.
  • Ventileeriv mudel.
  • Kondenseeriv mudel.
  • Soojuspumbaga mudel.
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• Tumble dryers 6 & 8 kg capacity.
• Sturdy construction, drum on two support rollers.
• Vented, condensed and Heat pump models.
• Magnetic door lock.
• Reversing door
• Double lint filter with display reminder.
• Temperature sensor, ideal for the most sensitive clothes and to reduce energy consumption.
• Programmer: 7 fixed sensor controlled programs.
• CONDENSER MODELS: The air is warmed up when passing through a heater. Moist is collected as water drops in the condenser and is evacuated either via drain hose or gathered in a water tank.
• HEAT PUMP DRYER: No extra external air needed. The air is heated in the condenser. The air runs through the drum, transporting moist air out of the drum. Moist air is condensed in the evaporator and is evacuated through an attached exhaustion pipe, or led to condense water tank. It has 10 automatic programs, and automatic lint filter cleaning.


• Frequency at 60Hz (Vented models).
• Frequency at 60Hz (Condensed models).