Laundry Room Dehumidifier Contra 2000



  • Dries a normal load of washing in around two hours due to effective air handling technology.
  • Low energy consumption – 75% lower than an electrical aerotemper and 85% lower than a hot water aerotemper.
  • Keeps the drying room dry, at the right temperature and free of mould
  • Suitable for drying rooms of 10-30 m²
  • Top-class corrosion protection for a long lifetime in tough environments
  • A quality Swedish product constructed of premium materials
Dimensions H x W x D 700 x 580 x 410 mm
Air quantity m3/h 1500
Electrical connection Volt 380/220 3 phase
Output kW 1,7
Fuse 10 Ampere slow-blow
Time relay included
Safety switch included
Hygrostat accessory
Electrical battery 3.5 kW accessory