Prof Group Eesti OÜ is an international fast-growing company

Our mission is to be a leading supplier of laundry equipment, supplies and innovative laundry chemicals and technology.

Building on the long experience of our team in the field, we offer a variety of carefully selected equipment and solutions for the food industry, retailing and catering.

Our products are: Domus, Girbau, Sidi (small and large laundry solutions), Ilsa, Sensene (chemical linen, dry cleaning solutions), NIMO (drying cabinets for work and home), ISA, Desmon (ice cream freezers, cold stores, kitchen utensils and bars), Asber (dishwashers, stainless kitchen furniture)

Our team is determined to provide you with only successful solutions and pleasant service.

As a company, we measure our success by how well this objective is fulfilled.

Prof Group aims to grow in the Estonian and Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian and Finnish markets